About us


Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution (hereinafter VIKO) was established in 2000, when the best schools in Vilnius merged into one professional higher education institution. Currently, VIKO is one of the largest and leading professional higher education institutions in Lithuania.

  • 39 Professional Bachelor study programmes, 8 of them in English.
  • Highly competent and experienced academic staff.
  • Active cooperation with social partners.
  • Over 31 thousand graduates having entered the national and international labor market.
  • Qualification development courses for different field specialists.
  • Membership in numerous international associations and networks.
  • Students and teachers gain valuable experience in Erasmus+ and other international exchange programmes. VIKO provides each student with the opportunity to develop his/her creative learning approach in the student-centered learning environment.


Faculty of Business Management strives to serve as a creativity-driven platform for academic and business professionals and future entrepreneurs, PR specialists and managers. The Faculty does its best to teach students to identify and convert market opportunities into workable, marketable, profitable and sustainable ideas and business achievements. Close collaboration and partnerships with Lithuanian and international companies ensure that our students gain the most up-to-date knowledge and international experience that are essential for successful career prospects.

We offer 7 study programmes:

  • Creativity and Business Innovations (studies in English)
  • Hotel and Restaurant Business (studies in English and Lithuanian)
  • International Business (studies in English and Lithuanian)
  • Tourism Management (studies in English and Lithuanian)
  • Advertising Management (studies in Lithuanian)
  • Public Relations (studies in Lithuanian)
  • Organisation Management (studies in Lithuanian)


  • A simulation and problem‑based approach to the teaching and learning.
  • Idea generation sessions with a high number of practical creativity exercises.
  • A range of guest lectures, workshops and seminars provided by experienced people from business and government.
  • Opportunity to participate at the activities of the Events Assistants’ Group:
    • Event Assistants’ Group is a group of students, who assist organizations in planning, organizing and implementing events (conferences, training, seminars, discussions, etc.). It consists of more than 20 students from Organizations Management, Creativity and Business Innovation, Advertising Management, Public Relations, Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Business, and International Business study programmes. These students are determined to perform all assigned tasks quickly, responsibly and qualitatively. Responsibilities of the Group are:
      • registration of participants and provision of information (in Lithuanian and foreign languages);
      • preparation of information stands and distribution of fliers;
      • dissemination of information on Facebook and other social networks (publishing information, answering questions, etc.);
      • assisting employees and visitors (distributing coffee, tea, snacks, etc.);
      • work with audio and video technology;
      • preparation of premises before and after the event;
      • work in the dressing room and other tasks.
  • Opportunity to participate at the activities of the Science Shop
  • Opportunity to participate at the activities of the Student Council. 


  • Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution is situated in Vilnius, the capital and the largest city in Lithuania. Relatively small and cosy, with a population of less than a million, Vilnius is the most international city in Lithuania and the second youngest city (after Copenhagen) in Nordic European countries. In 2019 Vilnius made the top 100 Best Student Cities list taking into account university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity and affordability.
  • Here the historic and modern come together. Vilnius medieval old town is famous for its baroque and gothic architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other hand, Vilnius is full of modern sites to discover.
  • Throughout the year the capital hosts numerous cultural events, such as the Vilnius International Film Festival, Capital Days, Vilnius Jazz Festival and Culture Night. Moreover, it is a magnificent location to explore the Baltics.