VIKO Faculty of Business Management as a project partner successfully implements the Erasmus+ Sport project “SCULT Point: Easy Access to Sports Through Technology 2021-2023”. The coordinating organization of the project – SCULT Foundation – is an international healthy lifestyle organization based in Estonia, active in the fields of health care, physical activity and sports. The organization initiates and carries out various events, shares available knowledge, and engages in various academic and political projects.

One of the main result of this international project is the development of a mobile app that allows coaches representing various sports to better plan their sports activities in different parts of the cities, and for the people – to choose sports activities more conveniently in the app. Currently, the app is being tested in Estonia, and in the future it is aimed to be tested in Latvia and Lithuania as well. Therefore, during the implementation of the project, students of the International Business studies programme, coordinated by Faculty lecturer Eimantas Kamienas, performed an analysis of the Lithuanian sports market. The students analyzed and presented information about the following aspects of sports in Lithuania: the most popular sports, sports disciplines of freelance coaches, the number of sports coaches in Lithuania and their distribution by sports, marketing and pricing practices, payment for coaches’ services, legal and tax policies, they also conducted interviews with sports coaches and analyzed the territories of largest cities in Lithuania.

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